Ludwig II Vol. 1 - June Manga Ludwig II Vol. 1

Alt.Title: ルートヴィヒ2世 ㊤ / Rutobihi Ni-Sei Vol. 1 It is the mid-19th century, and a remarkably beautiful 18-year-old has been crowned King Ludwig II of Bavaria… In the midst of a confrontation with Prussia and Austria, Ludwig II retreats from reality into an exquisite world colored by the music of...

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Ludwig II Vol. 2 Ludwig II Vol. 2

Alt.Title: ルートヴィヒ2世 ㊦ / Rutobihi Ni-Sei Vol. 2 The kingdom of Bavaria was absorbed into the German Empire during the latter half of the 19th century. The stunningly handsome king of Bavaria— who never married and who would have operas and plays privately staged for him—wandered between fantasy and reality,...

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