Yaoi manga, or boy's love manga, originating in Japan, was initially made for women by women. As the genre continues to grow, as does its audience and genres. With new concepts like Juné’s yabara, and our ever growing accessible world, yaoi is starting to branch out to include more LGBTQ friendly themes and pull in an even broader audience of manga readers. Drama, romance, slice of life, bara, megane, yaoi offers something for everyone! Juné’s new yaoi manga site is here to offer you any and all of your devices, on every device! Yaoi manga downloads are available in seven different formats. Prefer reading yaoi in print? We offer physical and bundle copies of our manga books and novels. Search for your favourite author, genre, and format through our catalogue of diverse boys love manga.
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Juné Manga

Juné is a California based yaoi manga publisher. With its very first publication back in 2004, Juné has been the innovated center for the boy’s love genre. This includes manga, novels, digital downloads, news, and many more exciting ventures yet to come. With the support of its loyal fans, Juné continues to bring over the best of what yaoi has to offer.