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Pre-Order / Demand for Publication Web-A-Thon

Junémanga.com is finally offering awaiting yaoi fans an opportunity to acquire selected anticipated yaoi titles, months in advance, through Juné's new Pre-Order/Demand for Publication Web-A-Thon program. This is for those long-yearned titles eager fans have been waiting for, which have yet to see publication anytime soon from Juné's immediate release schedule.

Through this program, we are offering a limited selection of Demand for Publication titles in which you can choose and pre-order a title, (originally set far into Juné's future normal release schedule, or was held back in publication), for early limited print publication (even several months earlier if fan demand is high). Each title offered will have its own minimum dollar amount goal to reach for its print publication. Once that dollar amount goal is reached, the book will be printed and copies will be sent off to those who have participated in this program immediately. This could mean acquiring a title several months in advance before its scheduled street date. All sales will be through PayPal, using a credit card or your PayPal account, meaning your purchase is secure and verified. Shipping is available domestically and internationally, so this program is for all yaoi fans all over the world!

You can monitor the progress of a title's Demand for Publication through the status bar posted on the website. As more Pre-Orders are placed for a title, the status bar will increase, coming one step closer to its dollar amount goal for print publication.

Now, if the dollar amount goal is not reached by the particular deadline date we set, the book will continue back on its normal path of its original scheduled Juné release date. Pre-Orders placed will still get their books early before the street date, but only a couple weeks earlier before it actually hits store shelves.

For those of you who just can't wait for Juné's long scheduled release of your favorite awaited title or artist, this is an opportunity for you to be among the select few to get the publication several months in advance. Be one of the few on your block to get the book early!!! Don't wait—Pre-Order/Demand for Publication NOW!!!

Disclaimer (updated 6/19/09)

Juné's Pre-Order/Demand for Publication Web-A-Thon program will update a participant's information if their contact and/or shipping address changes over the course of the program, and will deliver the final product accordingly. Notification of all changes must be received 2 weeks prior to the Web-A-Thon Advance Release Date for the specific title the participant has Pre-Ordered. Notify changes to: contact@emanga.com.

Pre-Orders of any Web-A-Thon title placed through channels, venues, vendors, retailers or websites other than Junemanga.com do not qualify for the Pre-Order/Demand for Publication Web-A-Thon program and are not subject to the rules and conditions of this program.

By participating in the program, you agree to the following:
1) Pre-Order refunds can be made during the course of the program for the specific title you participated in — though we do suggest participants be responsible and follow through with the program after entering. Do not participate if: you are not able to wait until the goal is met; or you anticipate or foresee any possible issue that may occur, resulting in a refund before the goal is met.
2) A refund or replacement will be made if a defective product is received.
3) A refund will also be made if the publication is canceled for any reason before actual printing occurs.

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