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Vanilla Vol. 1

Riyu Yamakami
Ah, high school: time of friends, college entrance exams, and children making the transition to adulthood. But lately, seventeen-year-old Ichiru Morio is noticing more than ever that he’s different from other boys his age. Whereas his friends are fantasizing about the pleasures of the female flesh, Ichiru finds himself strangely indifferent towards girls. Enter Yoshitaka Saeki, the cold and callous chemistry teacher who, despite his horrible attitude, has unwittingly enthralled Ichiru at first sight. Is handsome Saeki the remedy for Ichiru’s apathy? Or is there really something wrong with him after all?
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  • Alt. Title: Vanilla Vol. 1
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Yaoi
  • Rating: M (18+)
  • Release Date: Nov 24, 2007
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-56970-754-8
  • Type: Series
  • Format: Softcover, Black & White (plus dust jacket)
  • Size: 5.875" x 8.25"
  • Pages: 192 (approx.)
  • SRP: $12.95
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