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September 25, 2013

Only two more weeks to make the switch to eManga! Get a free ebook when you do!

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Now onto our digital round up!

Lies Are A Gentleman’s Manners: Brash med student Jonathan has been stealing drugs from his school’s hospital and selling them to his classmates! When a sly professor discovers his racket, Jonathan agrees to a physical relationship in exchange for keeping mum. But what happens when a simple business transaction turns into a heated almost-love affair?Lies are a Gentleman’s Manner reveals the devilishly dirty secrets of the high-society set! With appearances to uphold and family legacies to honor, any “extracurricular” activity must be kept hush-hush. But can a man with a doting wife, a darling child, a spoiled lover and a sordid past truly get the balance right?
S&M Vol. 1: Makoto has tried to live his life so that he’d have no regrets. Today, he’s a happily married family man in a position of respect at work. Little does he know that his seemingly spotless past is going to serve him up as the main course for one woman’s revenge.
Tastes Better With Cream: Boob is the word and sex is the game in this hot and love-crazed volume! From the author, Rei Hibari, comes a collection of eleven shorts all published in Japan’s ever popular Puromero Magazine. Filled with big breasts and oddball love stories, come and delve into a world where twins share their sexual  sensations, where a faithful girlfriend would do anything…and anyone to uphold her boyfriend’s honor, and where a jerk and a hussy come together and confess their love to each other! So, what’re you waiting for? Come and delve into a world where everything tastes better with cream!
Heretic Monk Vol. 1“My name is Heretic Monk… I can see your past life!”
To know what the future holds is the desire of many, but what if it’s the past which dictates your destiny? Corrupt politicians, criminals and terrorists–all fall under the scrutiny of Heretic Monk. With his ability to see into even the darkest of souls, his brand of justice is swift… and non-negotiable.
“In this world, after all, what goes around comes around… We’ll all ultimately be punished for our wrong-doings.”
September 11, 2013



eManga.com September Switch

Gardena, CA. (September 11, 2013) Digital Manga, Inc., one of the manga industry’s most progressive and innovative publishers is proud to present our September Switch promotion on eManga.com With over 1000 digital titles and growing, eManga is the one-stop shop or downloadable manga to read and keep.  Don’t like to read online, only read on Android phones, or addicted to your iPad? No worries! eManga offers 7 different file types optimized for every device—rest assured your purchases can travel with you, internet-free.

Fall’s just around the corner and you know what that means: it’s back to school season! Whether you’re headed to class or to the office, it’s an excellent time to rediscover the power of books. We here at eManga want to foster that joy of reading with our Free Fall Books promotion. Starting from September 11th to October13th, eManga is offering this promotion for all ebook devotees to make the switch to eManga.com for all your digital manga needs, turning your past purchased ebooks from other ebook retailers into FREE eManga titles!

Register a new account on eManga.com, send us a digital receipt/order confirmation or proof of any ebook purchase made from any other ebook retailer, such as Amazon Kindle store or B&N Nook store, and we’ll send you a gift code, redeemable for any eManga book of your choice worth $7.95. It’s that easy! Digital Manga’s titles are offered in all popular ebookstores, but restrictive censorship policies keep our steamiest selections from being carried. Want that too-hot-to-handle title? We have it! Select from our vast collection of over 1000 titles from all our imprints including DMP, DMG, JUNÉ, 801 Media, and Project-H—not to mention our new selection of Indie and American comics, too! No matter what genre you’re looking for, romance, suspense, shojo, shonen, yaoi, hentai, superhero, horror, we have something for you. Offering high resolution downloadable digital files to own, Digital Manga’s titles are always first to release on eManga—sometimes several months before other retailers! eManga.com is the one to switch to!

So grab a cup of hot tea, curl up on a chair, and enjoy a free book on us!

*This promotion is only valid for new eManga customers only.

To take advantage of this promotion, take these steps:

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The email provided on the receipt must match the information on your newly registered emanga account for this offer to be valid.

4) You will receive an email confirmation with a gift code redeemable for 795 reward points. Simply type the code into the “Gift code” field in your account and you can apply it to your order at checkout.

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Contact us at customerservice@emanga.com

About Digital Manga, Inc.

Located in Gardena, CA, Digital Manga, Inc. is one of the industry’s most unconventional and innovative companies, specializing in building corporate and cultural bridges from Japan to the West — specifically through the licensing, importation and preparation of anime (Japanese animation), manga (Japanese comic books) and related merchandise for North America’s mainstream and niche markets. In this capacity, DMI serves as a catalyst for the spread of Japanese pop culture institutions into the global arena. The company’s imprint lines include DMP (its mainstream imprint), DMP PLATINUM (its classic manga imprint), JUNÉ (its boys love imprint), 801 MEDIA (its adult boys love imprint), DokiDoki (its exclusive co-publishing imprint with Shinshokan Publishing),
DH/DMP (a co-publishing venture with Dark Horse Comics), Project-H (its Seinen Hentai manga imprint), and DMG (a unique digital distribution initiative).

For more information about Digital Manga Publishing, visit www.digitalmanga.com as well as:


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September 6, 2013

Fall is here. Cooler weather and crisp air—what’s better than curling up with a nice book?

We have over 1000 manga titles on eManga, but did you know we also carry novels? With a growing light novel selection, fill up your fall days with a good book and a hot cup of coffee. So for this week, celebrate the oncoming fall season with 20% off select DMP and DMG novels from 09/06 to 09/13!

No matter what device you use, we have 7 different file types! That includes the ever popular ePub, Mobi, PDF, and more!

Onto our new releases for eManga:

Marin Vol. 1: Hayami Marin is a boy with incredible magical abilities, yet he wishes only to live a normal life and is always trying to avoid training with his grandfather, a powerful and prestigious magician himself. But when an onslaught of horrifying demons suddenly begin targeting Marin and his peers, he must muster what little knowledge he has to try to save the lives of everyone around him. Although it’s clear things are becoming far from normal, it doesn’t seem like Marin is willing to change his mind…
Planet Ladder vol. 7: Now that Kura has captured me, I, Kaguya, have no idea what to do. I’m beginning to suspect that there is more to the events that have surrounded me than the Emperor wants to let on, and I’m beginning to feel that no matter what world I choose to save, the universe is doomed anyway. I only hope that my brother Kagami can send me some kind of a message or sign about what to do. And I hope that Bambi and Prince Seeu will be able to save me before it’s too late and Kura does something that will destroy us all….forever.
Blackmailed Beauties vol. 1: Eriko Nakagawa is a 26 year old, happy housewife with a successful husband and the body of a movie star despite the recent birth of her first child. Eriko thinks her incredible looks and her life are very ordinary and beneath notice. Slowly, Eriko realizes that many kinds of eyes are on her and her delectable body. First, there is the seemingly well meaning interest from her aunt and even her neighbors in maintaining her figure. That seems innocent enough until Eriko finds that she is the object of lust from mysterious strangers. That is very frightening on its own, but what is far worse in Eriko’s mind is that this attention is making her body feel good. As she is pushed into more and more outrageous acts with more and more young, hard bodies, Eriko fears being lost to the treacherous cravings of her own growing lusts.
Aria the Scarlet Ammo (novel): Tokyo Butei High School— A special school where armed detectives, also known as “Butei”, receive education as well as training. Kinji Tohyama, a sophomore, has a unique body that can initiate an ability called “hysteria mode” when it is stimulated a certain way. He tries to keep it a secret but all his dreams of living the life of an Average Joe get shattered when he becomes a victim of a bombing incident and meets Butei High “Assault” department elite, Aria H. Kanzaki.
August 14, 2013

Everyone at Digital Manga are huge Tezuka fans—without him there certainly wouldn’t be any manga industry at all. In celebration of the “God of Manga” and our upcoming 50th issue of Weekly Astro Boy Magazine, Digital Manga presents an entire week of Tezuka goodness! For five entire days, we’ll be giving away issues of Weekly Astro Boy Magazine and physical copies of our Tezuka Kickstarter titles!! How do you enter? Check out our schedule here and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr for opportunities to win! (Remember: our contest is open worldwide!!) Here’s the schedule for our exciting week of Tezuka (all times PST):

Monday: 08/19/13 10:00 am – Blog contest begins! Enter via email to win the first 5 issues of Weekly Astro Boy Magazine! Five random people will win. The trivia question and email will go up on this blog at 10am PST! (DMP blog)

10:00 am – Facebook and Tumblr contest begins! Enter via email to win the first 5 issues of Weekly Astro Boy Magazine! Five random people will win. The trivia question and email will go up at 10am PST!

10:00am – Trivia contest. Win 5 issues of Weekly Astro Boy Magazine (Twitter) 1:00pm – Trivia contest. Win 5 issues of Weekly Astro Boy Magazine (Twitter)

4:00 – Trivia contest. Win One copy of Atom Cat (Twitter)

Tuesday: 08/20/13  10:00am – Trivia contest. Win 5 issues of Weekly Astro Boy Magazine (Twitter)

1:00pm – Trivia contest. Win 5 issues of Weekly Astro Boy Magazine (Twitter)

4:00 – Trivia contest. Win One copy of UNICO (Twitter)

Wednesday: 08/21/13  10:00am – Trivia contest. Win 5 issues of Weekly Astro Boy Magazine (Twitter)

1:00pm – Trivia contest. Win 5 issues of Weekly Astro Boy Magazine (Twitter)

4:00 – Trivia contest. Win One copy of Triton (Twitter)

Thursday: 08/22/13 10:00am – Trivia contest. Win 5 issues of Weekly Astro Boy Magazine (Twitter)

1:00pm – Trivia contest. Win 5 issues of Weekly Astro Boy Magazine  (Twitter)

4:00 – Trivia contest. Win One copy of Barbara (Twitter, MUST BE 18+ TO WIN)

Friday: 08/23/13  10:00am – Trivia contest. Win 5 issues of Weekly Astro Boy Magazine (Twitter)

1:00pm – Trivia contest. Win 5 issues of Weekly Astro Boy Magazine (Twitter)

4:00 – Trivia contest. Win One copy of Swallowing the Earth(Twitter, MUST BE 18+ TO WIN)

4:00 – Blog, Facebook, and Tumblr contest ends. Winners will be announced on 08/26/13.

Don’t want to wait for the contest? Get more bang for your buck with the first 10 issues on sale at 15% off! With 7 of Tezuka’s most popular titles (most OOP in English!), you’re never go hungry for classic manga again–all for the heroic price of $4.99!


The YaoiCon 2014 volunteer fome is LIVE! Join in on the fun! Remember, if you have questions please email info [at] yaoicon.com! 

Love telling the world about your favorite manga? Did you know eManga has a review feature? Share your opinions, likes and dislikes with us! It might even be featured in the eManga newsletter!

Onto our weekly digital round-up:

F-Stop: Cosplay Made in Japan Vol. 3: A world class photographer, Yuji Susaki captures vibrant & powerful fashions of cosplayers in Japan.
Give My Regards to Black Jack Vol. 12: “We’ve been giving the world the wrong impression…!” The overhyped media is causing the mentally ill to be viewed with fear by the public. While mass panic runs rampant, Ozawa’s time for release draws near. Defenseless and hurting, he is driven into a corner. And then… Tragedy. “I want to know.” “We must give them an answer.” The combined ire of both the general public and the media triggers violence against the mentally ill. The psychiatric department arc reaches its conclusion in this gritty medical drama! Watch as the truth reveals the real meaning of “trial by media.”
Weekly Astro Boy Magazine: The second installment of Astro Boy: The Artificial Sun continues! The professor reveals an abandoned project that could change the world, except it already has! Someone has hijacked the project to melt the world into a new climate and the only one who can stop them is Professor Ochanomizu! Also included are Buddha, Dororo, and Black Jack!
Femmes Fatales: O-Sato is willing to do anything to get revenge on the men who raped and murdered her younger sister, even if she must sleep with the perpetrators in order to get close enough to them to slit their throats. She is a viper longing to coat her fangs in the blood of the guilty. O-Sono marries into wealth and power. However, her jealousy soon drives her to punish her cheating husband right where it will hurt him the most. O-Kinu uses her innocent face and honeyed words to get whatever she wants, no matter the cost. She leaves a trail of the blood of her lovers in her wake. Sinister and sexy, the women illustrated in Femmes Fatales embrace their darkest natures. Men who enter into the barbed embraces of these deadly women are doomed to never leave. Hell hath no fury…
August 9, 2013


Triton of the Sea vol. 1 is now available on Akadot! Woohoo!

Dinobyte’s been hard at work tinkering away at his eManga site! Over the years eManga’s learned an incredible amount from the feedback we receive every day. Every suggestion, compliment, and complaint is never too small or insignificant. In the coming months expect to see some changes to eManga that will make your shopping experience smoother and more streamlined.

Love telling the world about your favorite manga? Did you know eManga has a review feature? Share your opinions, likes and dislikes with us! It might even be featured in the eManga newsletter!

Onto our weekly digital round-up:

Planet Ladder Vol. 6: My name is Kaguya, and I am prophesied to choose which one of the nine dimensional worlds is saved while the rest are destroyed. But in reality, I don’t want anyone to die, so i made a declaration to all nine worlds that i wanted to save them all, not just one. I worry that all the worlds will not see things as clearly as I do since they have fought each other for so long. I don’t know if they can ever change. If they don’t we’ll all be destroyed.

Earthian Vol. 5: Yun Kouga presents Earthian’s “Secret Garden” collection! Filled with heartbreaking tales of the forbidden relationship between Lord Michael and Raphael, this volume also includes a never-before-seen bonus story specifically created for this special deluxe edition. And as a fitting epilogue to the unforgettable manga series, catch a glimpse of the future of all your favorite Earthian characters!

Give My Regards to Black Jack vol. 9: “The psychiatric department–we know nothing of what takes place there.”What’s your image of the psychologically disturbed? Eerie. Unsettling. Criminally prone.Saitou arrives at University of Eiroku’s psychiatric department for training when he ends up becoming the primary doctor for Kadowaki, an inpatient. However, Kadowaki is an undercover reporter! His stay at Eiroku is for research and his attending physician, Iseya, has a few tricks of his own. Thus, the psychiatric ward arc begins! For the first time ever for the country of Japan, the disease schizophrenia is illuminated!

Weekly Astroboy Magazine: In Astro Boy: Space Snow Leopard, Tezuka does his take on the “angel hair” snow phenomena! One snowy day, Astro discovers all the robots in the city completely drained of energy and rushes to investigate. Surprisingly, his search leads him to a crazed man and his mysterious “space snow leopard!” Is the leopard responsible for the robots’ mass collapse? And why exactly isn’t Astro affected?! Also included are Buddha, Dororo, and Black Jack!
August 2, 2013

As you all know, yesterday was the famed 801 Day! Everyone at Digital manga had a blast! Our trivia contest was a success–our turn out was great. It’s sad that Yaoi Day only comes once a year, but don’t worry–we’re extending the fun all weekend!

We’re having an 801 Day sale over at eManga! Expand your digital yaoi library with 4 titles at 15% off!

And of course, Akadot. Many out-of-print yaoi titles are back in stock for an extremely limited time! In celebration, all items are 30% off with the code 801day13!! Spend $80 and get a free yaoi gift bag.

Onto our weekly digital round-up. We have quite a few new titles and an exciting announcement: Give My Regards to Black Jack is now up on eManga in its entirety!  The first three volumes are FREE and every volume after that is $1.00!

A Fortnight Until We Touch: Ooji hasn’t been the same since his coworker Kaizuka quit. Kaizuka’s replacement, Sekimoto, is rude at first, but Ooji still can’t resist offering to let him crash at his place. Though there may be tension between them at first, a lot can change in a fortnight.
Minase can’t stop thinking about the summer of his last year of high school when his mother died. His friend Susa took him to the beach and patted him on the head. Now, five years later, Minase keeps waking up at three every morning to find a sleepwalking Susa at his door.Though Sawaki’s high school crush Shiino left him, he could never forget him. After running into him again three years later, he swears this time will be different, even if the ring on Shiino’s finger means he has already been claimed by another.A Fortnight Until We Touch features three emotional short stories of second chances born from words left unsaid.

Give My Regards To Black Jack Vol. 6: “This person is going to die without ever knowing anything…!!”“It’s all right.” “Those who are cured of cancer are those who battled with cancer.”Placing faith in the words of Dr. Shouji, Tsujimoto endures the crippling side effects of her cancer treatments. She knows nothing of her odds of pulling through, her medical options, or the truth behind her doctor’s words.Saitou watches helplessly as Shouji keeps his patient in the dark. In an attempt to “cure” Saitou of his naïve ideals, the oncologist tells Saitou an anecdote from the past. Why do doctors tell half-truths? How do patients deal with the news? Shouji’s tale explains of a patient that answered those questions for him.Discover Japan’s cancer debate taking place right this minute!

Eat For Your LifeMantarou Ohara’s salary can’t keep up with the amount of money he spends on food. He doesn’t just eat his meals, he savors every mouthful and travels Japan in search of new flavors to excite his taste buds. But when a serious lack of funds causes him to choose between living off noodles or entering an eating competition, it seems that the life of this gourmet is about to change…Will the guidance of a mysterious stranger turn Mantarou from a food lover into a professional competitive eater? Or will his passion for the perfect recipe be his downfall…?

Weekly Astroboy Magazine
: Often hailed as the “God of Manga”, Osamu Tezuka draws stories of life, death, and morality His compilation of stories touch upon sci-fi, history, crime, politics, romance, but always raises questions on the human condition and reflects the ambiguity of morality.
July 26, 2013

…ha ha. Coming soon.

Want to get your fill of print yaoi? Now’s your chance – Akadot is holding a “post-AX 2013 thank you!” sale! Until July 29, you can enter the coupon code postax2013 and receive 15% off any purchase of $60 or more. That could add up to a lot of fantastic yaoi!

eManga.com brings digital fans countless new titles to enjoy, including a superntural love story, plenty of new Weekly Astro Boy Magazine for the Tezuka fan (which should be mostly everyone, by the by – even the resident fujoshis here have fallen in love!), and yaoi classics like Earthian and Love is Like a Hurricane! And if you love webcomics or our indie offerings, we’ve got plenty of new submissions for you to enjoy!

And for all our yaoi fans — next week is 8/01, affectionately known as yaoi day around these parts. Stay tuned for more sales, giveaways, and man on man fun in the days to come!

A Dark Fable of the Forest: “If 90 out of 100 cases are scientifically explained, the remaining 10 persist as mysteries surpassing human knowledge.”When a story about the supernatural takes reporter Alyssa Thompson into the Dark Night Forest, she and her co-worker Nick are accosted by strange forces. Are the culprits mere men, or something more sinister? As Alyssa seeks the truth behind a series of weird and unnatural mysteries, she repeatedly crosses paths with the enigmatic (and handsome!) Chevalier Bayard Gran d’Or and his strange young companion, Pineau Rouge. Will they lead her to the 10 percent of cases that are truly supernatural? And how does Chevalier always know where she is and what her heart secretly desires?

Earthian, vol. 4
: The secrets of the Black Cancer and the Angel’s long-time examination of the Earthian finally comes to light…and the consequences are not what anyone ever expected. Chihaya is distraught when he discovers just what Michael has been hiding from him, and becomes withdrawn. But in the end, the consequences of Chihaya’s relationship with Kagetsuya may probe to be even more disturbing! As the Angels prepare to invade Earth, Elvira and her cohort of Black Angels ready their defenses. Chihaya and Kagetsuya must finally decide where their loyalty lies-and if it even lies with each other anymore!

Love is Like a Hurricane, vol. 2-5
: Student council president Azuma is gifted with
intelligence and looks, but when it comes to relating to people, he is a little slow on the uptake. His relationship with Mizuki got off to a rocky start when he molested him one morning on the train to school – his idea of a “confession of love,” but Mizuki’s idea of a nightmare! However, Azuma is nothing but persistent, and with a little push, the two have “successfully” started dating. So you would expect things to be progressing smoothly…

Weekly Astroboy Magazine
: Often hailed as the “God of Manga”, Osamu Tezuka draws stories of life, death, and morality His compilation of stories touch upon sci-fi, history, crime, politics, romance, but always raises questions on the human condition and reflects the ambiguity of morality.
June 28, 2013

We’ve been busily preparing for Anime Expo, so while we don’t have the usual digital releases to bring this week, we do have more info for those of you who’ll be attending Anime Expo next week!

DMP’s industry panel, “Manga Without Borders,” will be held on Thursday, July 4th from 5:00-6:00pm in LP4 for licensing news, a Q&A session, and amazing giveaways! Come check us out to learn more about DMP, see eManga.com in action, and meet some of our staff!

Looking to add a racier panel to your Anime Expo schedule? Join us Saturday, July 6th from 8:30-9:30PM in LP 4 for a peek at Project-H. Got questions? Want free stuff? Have a burning desire to know why hentai has to mosaic all the good parts? We’ve got you covered. This panel is only for fans 18 and over, which means you’ll have to come prepared with your ID so we can let you in! The first 30 attendees to arrive will receive a special gift bag packed with hentai goods, postcards, and a free Project-H book!

In addition to our industry panels, you can find us in the dealer’s hall at the Akadot Retail and eManga booth at space #438. Our new eManga mascot will be making his triumphant debut at the booth, and he’ll be bringing eManga gift cards and coupons, Anime Expo exclusive buttons and postcards, and a playable demo of Vanguard Princess, eManga’s first download-to-own video game. Sign up for eManga and our newsletters while you’re visiting, and you’ll receive a free gift: your choice of anything from our gift bin filled with manga, plushies, figures, and much more.

For those fans looking to grab books, books, and nothing but books from Akadot, you’ll find multi-use coupons for $5 off any purchase of $40 in our Akadot newsletter, which you can sign up for here. Print the coupon or bring it to our booth on your portable device of choice to receive the discount on all your AX Akadot purchases!


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